Meals for Earth Recipe Contest Entries

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

The Meals for Earth recipe contest was designed to promote community and wellbeing during this extremely stressful COVID-19 time by sharing recipes from around the world. Our goal is to lift spirits and be creative and our motto is ‘Using Space to Inspire’.

Hello, I am Dr. Sian Proctor and I am an analog astronaut who likes cooking up space food. I lived in a NASA funded Mars simulation for 4-months investigating food strategies for long-duration spaceflight. Being isolated for a long time isn't easy. Food and the culture around eating is a great way for us to relieve stress and connect as humans. That's one reason why I wrote the Meals for Mars cookbook. I am hoping we can connect globally through our love of food and recipes. To do this, I created the Meals for Earth recipe contest where you'll get the opportunity to win a signed copy of my Meals for Mars cookbook.

This video will give you a little more information about Meals for Mars and the inspiration for food sustainability on Earth. We hope you will be inspired to submit a recipe!

Thank You to everyone who submitted a recipe!!

The judging panel determined that the top recipe in each category and winners of the signed cookbooks are:

  1. Breakfast: Breakfast Bash Hash By Annika Garrison

  2. Main Meals: Cheese-and-Spinach Pie By Alice Gorman

  3. Soups & Stews: Tie between the Mars Minestrone By Brandy Bourdeaux & Grilled Beef Bundles by Stephen Hustedde

  4. Side Dishes: 5-Minute Spanish Rice By Nicole Burke

  5. Desserts: Strawberry Ice Cream Substitute By Ken Ernandes


Main Meals

Soups and Stews

Side Dishes


Contest Rules

  1. The recipe you submit must be an original creation. Keep it simple. Take a recipe you already know and add your own twist to it to make it unique. We are looking for quick and tasty meals that are creative and special to you but easy for people around the world to make. There are five categories to submit under (Breakfast, Main Meal, Soup or Stew, Side Dish, Dessert or Snack).

  2. You must take a nice photo of your prepared meal and submit it with your contest form. The image should be high resolution (300 dots per inch or 3000x4500 pixels) and should capture the deliciousness of your recipe.

  3. All recipes must be submitted in English.

  4. You must fill out the Meals for Earth recipe contest form and submit the photo by the new extended deadline of May 31, 2020. Click here for the form: Meals for Earth Recipe Contest


Submissions will be scored based on 1) originality of recipe, 2) overall appeal of the dish, 3) story behind the recipe and 4) successfully completing all the contest rules. To determine the top winners in each category, we have a judging panel that will use a rubric to score the submissions and their scores will determine the winners. The recipes in each category will be posted on the Meals for Mars website.


  • Everyone who submits is a winner! We will send everyone a Meals for Mars patch!

  • We will feature the top 25 recipes (5 in each category) on the Meals for Mars website and those featured will all receive a Meals for Mars patch, sticker, and digital (PDF) version of the Meals for Mars cookbook.

  • The top recipe in each category (Breakfast, Main Meal, Soup or Stew, Side Dish, Dessert or Snack) will receive a signed copy of Dr. Sian Proctor's Meals for Mars cookbook and Dr. Proctor will cook each of the top dishes on her Meals for Earth cooking show.

  • Winners will be notified through email by August 1st, 2020.

The Legal Stuff - So we don't get in trouble with sharing your recipes.

By participating in the Meals for Earth recipe contest, you grant Psy’s Creations, LLC the irrevocable right to use your original recipe submitted for the Meals for Earth Recipe Contest along with your name, likeness, image, voice, appearance and/or performance as captured by written, photographic, audio and/or video means (known as the “Product”) for release and/or reproduction in any medium for any legal purpose, including but not limited to education, training, illustration, promotion, art, editorial, advertising, and general trade. You acknowledge that you have no interest or ownership in the Product or the copyright in the Product and that any use of the Product may be made without compensation or notice to you. You waive any right to inspect, approve, and/or otherwise control the use of the Product. You acknowledge that your name and identity may be revealed in the Product or by descriptive text or commentary.

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