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Dr. Sian Proctor

Sian Proctor M4M

In 2013 Dr. Sian Proctor had the unique opportunity to blast off to another world. She spent 4 months in a NASA-funded Mars simulation called HI-SEAS. The mission was to research food preparation strategies for long-duration space flight using shelf-stable ingredients. As the Science Communication Education Outreach Officer, she documented her experience and ran a cooking show. 

And thus began her culinary journey to bring ‘Meals4Mars’ to Earth...

In addition to being the food sustainability expert at Meals4Mars, Dr. Proctor is a geoscience professor at South Mountain Community College (SMCC) in Phoenix, Arizona. She has a B.S. in Environmental Science, an M.S. in Geology, and a Ph.D. in Science Education. She spends her time working with faculty in the Center for Teaching and Learning and coordinating campus sustainability events. 

Her leadership and experience have afforded her to participate in other STEM adventures around the world. She is also a TV celebrity who has appeared on shows like NASA’s Unexplained Files, Strange Evidence, The Colony, and Genius by Stephen Hawking.

To learn more about Dr. Sian Proctor and her many other adventures, check out her professional site at sianproctor.info.